Sunday, June 19, 2016


Sometimes I don’t need big reasons to shed tears, just a little pinch and I am unstoppable. As far as I remember myself, it has always been that way, I could be hurt with a single word (not even a complete sentence). As a kid I was always told that I was morose and I believed it to be true until recently when I discovered ‘you are what you think you are’ and I replaced ‘being morose’ with ‘being sensitive’.
I am not sure how many would get it, there are some people with whom we get really comfortable, to the extent that the child in us could dare to reveal itself! What if those people didn’t react to our childlike mannerism and instead termed it childish. It would be like thrashing that child mentally; which would eventually suppress his craving for being cosseted. Probably it was always suppressed, even when this person was actually a child and so he always felt being love deprived no matter how good several other things were. 
So the probable solution is to train the mind to appreciate the brighter side of life and smile at the dimmer side. Accept the fact that together the two balance our world so they need to coexist.  An even advanced level of maturity would be to treat bright and dim alike and not being affected by either... to overcome the duality of nature (we’ll leave this philosophy for some other post.)
Also people who get hurt soon become happy sooner (a broad grin even from a stranger can lighten their day); fortunately sensitivity is not a biased peculiarity!

Just shift focus and life is beautiful already :)!!

Monday, June 6, 2016


Today evening, while waiting for my order at the café in office, I realised that I hadn’t turned on the internet on my phone all day. I decided to continue with it and for a change tried to feel what it is to be in the moment completely. Here, to watch the simple process of peeling off and cutting fruits, to be thankful to be able to eat unaware of the pocket but just calories (though it is more difficult for me).
‘In the present’ or ‘in the now’ …a feeling I had been missing since years for either I have been a slave to my past or anxious about the future. A lot of life slips us when we are not where we are but when we are aware everything is a moment worth living for!

This sense of awareness dawned onto me as I have health issues that I have been dragging for a year and that can’t be ignored any further. Since a week, I started chewing my food and what a delight it was or better than delight I could term it as wondrous! I missed almost half of my life without relishing each and every bite that I was blessed with. It was indeed an amazing experience to be fully aware and trust me I didn’t need any TV series to pass the time while eating because it could be intruding.

Another incident that connected the same dots in my mind happened yesterday. I was on a brisk walk chatting with my friend and a car stopped by our side to enquire about some address. I told them to take 2 right turns at both the next circles and just after they had left I realised that I had told them only 2/3rd address and missed the last left turn which they would have had asked hopefully.  I felt bad as I could have stopped for 5 seconds and answered their question patiently which I missed amidst the ongoing discussion with my friend. I pondered over the fact, how every little effort (no matter how insignificant it might appear) if taken with utmost care/involvement could bring satisfaction/joy! Well, that’s the secret to life, “paying attention” isn’t it!!

P.S: Good habits take time to develop so I am back with my dinner + TV series recourse (giggles)!

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


I hope the world (at least mine) is liberated from the mental blocks that I grew up with and those that my family still believes in,

‘The caste based rules’,
Which slayed a lot of love!

‘The uselessness of being good,’
When it stops making people happy!

‘Chasing perfection to impress’,
When the connoisseurs aren’t there!

‘The life time commitments’,
That cannot withstand the test of time !

‘The suffocation of diffidence’,
That drains strength from the wings to fly!

‘The pointless conversations’,
That lead/demand justifications!

‘The sensitivity that gets offended’,
It restrains the exuberance of the child inside!

The belief that, ‘Lost was better’,
It stops the best from coming into life.

‘Being a girl’, perception,
It is a boundary that doesn’t safeguard anymore!

‘The resistance to change’,
Which didn’t let many a caterpillars know, they could fly!

'The concept of being limited',
That doesn't let you realize the infinity!

Friday, November 20, 2015

LoVe Dose

As I always say discovering yourself is the most interesting and exciting thing in the world. After all, we feel everything inside us and when we know what can sparkle us we can try to find it :) !

There is a saying 'Love heals', it definitely does. But, every healer has a recommended dose and unless you are given as much as you need, nothing helps!  Recently, I had a brief encounter with an old acquaintance and it somehow clarified (and reminded), how much dose could put me back together..  The little gestures that could carry me away...
That unspoken agreement where you don't need to say everything ! That warmth which comes from being safeguarded. The comfort that is created after being vulnerable and yet not being judged. That extraordinary care where little 'extra' makes the big difference. And not to forget the intelligence , none can deny its charm and the respect it breeds! 
The best part of this experience was, it was devoid of any sweet words! Imagine the magic that could be created once words crawl in <3 !

P.S1: Some things I felt and some I made up ! Freedom of expression :P !

P.S2: It took me to cloud 9 and then i started descending gradually because it was also a 'remembrance' about the terms and conditions that come attached to every happiness. Very few get the best of both worlds; lets dream you are among those few!

May be I expect a lot but I was spoiled once and once is enough!
When you love someone love them like you would love your child.


Happy Reading!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Thank You Note !

It’s been really long since I posted anything. Ya posted not wrote as I write almost always when I am flurried but writing something positive needs a deliberate frame of mind and I had decided to start this year with a positive note.

It snapped onto me why not thank a friend from whom I learned a lot of things, so what if mostly over squabbles ;). We parted our ways because we were never on the same page at the same time… I wanted to write so that every time I remember a wound I could heal it up with a good memoir.

The first realization I had was that when we trust someone we never feel bad at whatever they say... Even their jokes, their taunts (People who don't get the sarcasm call it), we take everything in a positive stride because we know they care… they’ll be there … I felt how trust is the beautiful bedrock of any relationship and strengthens it…
L1: When you trust there should be no space for doubt!

Second confrontation just took me aback !! Why ? Till long I almost always tried to understand people through their words. 
OMG, not everyone thinks ‘before speaking and after listening’ ! I unnecessarily troubled myself interpreting ‘what she meant’ and vain happiness that she would understand me after this discussion. How can I forget every person is different and so needs to be taken care of differently.
L2: When people are chivying you for something they might be trying to tell you that they are comfortable with you, don’t take it literally!

Third thing that I would want to mention is when a relation isn’t working out (even after multiple mending) instead of breaking the thread let it keep hanging with a knot. As the time passes the knot might dissolve and you can always slide back on the thread without ego interfering in between…
L3: When you are badly hurt and want to break off just remind yourself of the happy memories and STOP it with a smile… don’t frown!

Fourth and best experience that was absolutely new to me was:  even two people can go to a gathering, dance,  party and have fun…. you don’t always need a group… after all happiness lies within!!
L4: Believe!! You alone are capable enough to lighten up somebody’s day :)  !

Another reminder got added to this list while writing this post! I unraveled the mystery behind what holds me from reconciling and troubles me... I need to learn 'to forget' ,  'to forgive' is not enough..

L5:    In the picture :) 

Happy Reading!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Slice of a lost story - 1

Once while on their usual commute in the local train, she asked, "I often wonder why almost everyone
starts staring at me as soon as I enter the compartment. I know I ain’t that beautiful"!

And he replied, "when a cute kid comes around, don’t you feel like gazing upon him , googli woosh his cheeks, even talk and play with him if allowed ? …........ you are like that kid"!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Approaching 30...


I had heard that girls are delicate in their teens for they are undergoing physical changes and they need to be handled with care… I am sure I must have felt it too in my teens but then I was too naïve to name so many feelings....

Lately, I think post 25 (near 30 is so heart-breaking even to call) they are even more delicate … There are millions of reasons like if they haven’t found their mates forget soul mates. They also undergo hormonal changes and the fairy tales ending have stretched just too far and doesn’t seem coming true. The charm starts loosening up & is definitely less in comparison to fresh faces from college in their early twenties. The fear of not finding the fellow who could cross the benchmarks already set by their own achievements or care scores of past relationships. The loneliness when your friends are celebrating their anniversaries … or birthday of their kids… Well, I can keep counting such things… So let’s move to the other side of the fence…
The separated singles or the unhappy mingles… can’t believe I have seen many of them too & then it’s easy to understand that ‘there is no hunky dory world’ ….

Believe me I am not saying this just to pacify myself but this is how it is... (There are very few who get the best of both worlds and while being single you can at least hope for it ! )
Esp. the ones who had to leave their jobs(girls) and get settled in places with no work to do… all for their dear husbands and despite of that they are not being treated like princesses , the treatment they are used to or dreamed of against the bigger sacrifices they chose... Some have the added misery of not very co-operative “in-laws”…. And yes, some of them see me and alikes as independent women roaming on free will, exploring new places, climbing corporate ladder, pursuing hobbies and wearing contemporary clothes…. well that’s what I want they should see me as :P ( without understanding my share of  misery )!
So the crux of the matter is ‘Life can always get better/worse … If you are not happy with your current circumstances you won’t ever be’!

 Just try to save the receding hairline and then you can proudly say this :D